Episode #4: Home-Field Advantage

Watch the latest episode of the Cook-to-Connect series, “Home-Field Advantage” for a behind the scenes look into how Emily and her family prioritize fueling for family fun and everyday fitness.

Active, busy families need nutritious, energizing foods all day long.

Performance Dietitian and mama of 3, Emily Mardell knows how challenging it can be to fuel a family well so everyone can enjoy and keep up with work, life and play. She is a big fan of teamwork and getting everyone involved in what she likes to call, the weekly “family fuel-up plan.” 

Whether it’s an Early Morning, Wacky Weeknight, or Sunday Funday…every family can benefit from a playbook of nutrition tips, simple recipes and practical strategies to enjoy more of that coveted Home-Field Advantage.

Cooking (and eating) at home can be a difference maker for many active families. Home-base meals help everyone in the family enjoy more essential nutrients, such as: protein, carbohydrate, fat, iron, fibre, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium etc. on a more routine, consistent basis.

One of the feature recipes in Episode #4: Home-Field Advantage is our “Maple-Chicken Breakfast Sandwiches.” These freezer-friendly sandwiches are made with extra lean ground chicken and the perfect combination of sweet & savory goodness. Packed with over 20 grams of complete protein, these breakfast sandwiches are perfect for breakfast, or post-workout recovery. Enjoy!


Maple-Chicken Breakfast Sandwiches

Prioritize quality protein with this delicious, grab-and-go breakfast sandwich. Enjoy anytime as a great post-workout snack, too!

maple-chicken-breakfast-sandwiches 2