Episode #3: Summer Share Plates

Fun fact about feeding littles…Part I

When kids are more involved in planning, preparing and plating food—they’re more likely to eat and enjoy their creations! 

So how can we get our kiddos more involved in family meals and foster healthier eating habits in the process? 

Our friend Registered Dietitian Emily Mardell has a simple idea that every family can try. She suggests trying more hands-on recipes, and making meals that empower kids to personalize their own plates.

Check-out her family-friendly “Build-a-Burger Platter” featuring one of our favourite chicken recipes, “Chicky-Bean Mini Burgers.”

“Platters are a delicious and inviting way to encourage kids to personalize their plate and build a meal they can really dig into!” —Emily 

These homemade patties are made with fresh lean ground chicken, cooked black beans, freezer-friendly veggies and whole-grain oats. 

Packed with quality protein, filling fibre and essential nutrients like B12, iron, zinc, phosphorus and potassium. 

Chicky-Bean Mini Burgers

Move over tacos, it’s burger season! Homemade chicken burgers are already packed with protein, so why not add the benefit of fibre too?! Amazing for big and little kids alike these burgers are nutritious and delicious and make sure every bite counts! 

Chicky Bean Recipe Card Page 1 of 2
Chicky Bean Recipe Card Page 2 of 2

Sticky Honey Chicken Sticks

For families who crave more flavour and fun!

Fun fact about feeding littles…Part II

Kids are naturally curious and ready to explore. So when they’re empowered to get curious with food and to start eating with all their senses—good things happen! 

Dietitian and mama of three Emily Mardell explains more about the benefits. “When all the senses are in play at mealtime, the eating experience becomes about more than just eating. Every time a child explores a food whether through sight, touch, sound, smell, or taste—they take an important step towards learning to love a new food.”

Ever watch your child dunk a chicken tender or carrot stick, but not really take a bite? It can be frustrating, even worrisome for parents. Especially when the “meal” ends up being um, plum sauce only. However, it’s still a “small win,” says Emily, and every pressure-free exposure counts!”

“When we teach our children that a healthy food relationship develops over time, and that we don’t expect them to like every food the first time—we set them up for success. We show them we believe in them as capable, soon-to-be confident eaters.” 

With this kind of positive perspective, and a hearty helping of parental perseverance—the whole family is set to be dunking and devouring homemade chicken tenders and carrot sticks together in no time. 

Making more recipes that help kids explore new textures, styles of eating and flavour combinations is a great way to nurture their natural curiosity and to activate the senses.

Mardell suggests making various types of marinated chicken dishes as an easy way to introduce new flavour combinations alongside the family-favourite protein kids already enjoy. Grab a stack of napkins—here’s Emily’s latest marinated chicken recipe, “Sticky Honey Chicken Sticks!”